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Outsider Art – The world of pure and original creations

Robert B. White/ October 23, 2018/ General/ 0 comments

Outsider art is not limited to painting, but also includes folk art, primitive art, and tramp art, to name a few. This art form, which lies beyond the hierarchical and historical horizons of mainstream art, captivates with its simple and fascinating reflection. Outsider art creations are fresh, unexpected and innovative because they are unaltered, unaltered and unmediated, original forms of

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Photography – A memory keeper

Robert B. White/ October 23, 2018/ Photography/ 0 comments

Photography is used by amateurs to preserve memories of favorite times, capture special moments, tell stories, send messages and as a source of entertainment. Many mobile phones today have cameras to facilitate such use. In photography, everything revolves around light, and as photographers ,we constantly think about light when photographing a scene. Light dominates our thoughts during the photographic process,

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Museum specializations and types

Robert B. White/ October 23, 2018/ Museums/ 0 comments

Educational trips and school trips on their itineraries usually include visits to museums. Museums are buildings and/or institutions that collect, maintain and make accessible to the public a number of objects of scientific, artistic or historical interest. There are different types of museums offering different themes and themes. Some are held permanently in large cities, while others are temporarily or

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Start a DIY business – benefit from your artistic and creative skills!

Robert B. White/ October 23, 2018/ Crafts/ 0 comments

How can you forget about the handicraft lessons at school? You must have enjoyed putting together colorful pieces of paper and various handicrafts to shape dolls, teddy bears, boats, planes, flowers and so on. Have you ever thought about creating innovative and attractive crafts that could bring you a profitable and stable income? And you can work at home without

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To make sure you get the right artwork for your home

Robert B. White/ October 23, 2018/ Artwork/ 0 comments

Artwork is something that can make a home absolutely stunning and show off your very personal taste, or make your home look like an inappropriate mess. The key is to find the right pieces for you and make sure that you hang and show them properly. The first step to finding a work of art that suits you is to

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