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Photography is used by amateurs to preserve memories of favorite times, capture special moments, tell stories, send messages and as a source of entertainment. Many mobile phones today have cameras to facilitate such use. In photography, everything revolves around light, and as photographers ,we constantly think about light when photographing a scene. Light dominates our thoughts during the photographic process, and light is still a determining element in transforming your RAW shots into “real” digital images. Photography is an art and those of us who choose to practice the great art of street photography should not be attacked by tyrants like Blint. Many of the great artists shown at SF MOMA itself were street photography practitioners.

Photography is a language; it has a syntax and structure like English. Like a language, there are many ways to understand the use of language. Photography is also increasingly asserting itself on the auction block as an important investment. And the prices in the galleries and at the big fairs reflect the serious status: photography is one of the most basic and indispensable prototypes of how a “small business” works. It is the unicellular creature of the business world and therefore the easiest to analyze, experiment, test and retest.

Photography is a kind of art. With the skilful use of the artist’s hands, photography can highlight the subject’s “personality” and create almost magical moments that normally cannot be achieved by any other means of self-expression. Photography is a creative endeavor when you take the pressure to capture every angle and view of a place, free yourself to be more creative, and its results will be much better. Photography is no more art than oil paint is art. Some photographers used it to create art.

Photography is the confluence of chance, observation and memory. Photography and art reveal exactly the vitality that drives us. For me, photography is an emotional and intuitive process. Scenes, objects and the subtleties of light and color are like emotional bookmarks. Photography is an art that is capable of ?

Photography is so much a part of our culture that we hardly notice all the places where it exists. When you watch TV, watch a magazine, or even look at a billboard on the highway, it’s all because of photography. Photography is no different than cave painting, we all want to tell our story, some want to capture that story for others who missed it. Did you see the torments in her face, did you notice the reaction of the mother? Photography is the dream, the interval we take to be the real. And yet secret tears flow behind these portraits.

Photography is a hobby in itself, and a thorough exploration of it goes beyond the scope of this article. If you are interested in professional RC aerial photography or just want to know more, get a book from the library about photography and read it. For many people, photography is a lifelong hobby. But for many thousands more it is a vocation. People who know a lot about photography can contribute their knowledge by earning a living with it. Photography is also just fun, and it is a wonderful foundation for community-based projects. If you introduce photography properly, it helps you to take a much closer look at the world around you.

Photography finally escapes any dependence on what is in front of a lens, but it has a special claim to receive the viewer’s attention as “evidence” rooted in reality. As gallery material, photographs today are essentially no different from paintings created entirely from an artist’s imagination, except that they lack the manual touch and surface variation of painting. Photography is on the international art market HOT. People in the know buy photos of hot artists from hot traders, just as some savvy businessmen buy blue chip stocks. Photography is probably the most accessible form of art in the world. Admittedly, a pencil box is cheaper than a disposable camera, but in theory you don’t need any technical knowledge to use the camera.

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