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Artwork is something that can make a home absolutely stunning and show off your very personal taste, or make your home look like an inappropriate mess. The key is to find the right pieces for you and make sure that you hang and show them properly.

The first step to finding a work of art that suits you is to think about your budget. An original can cost a lot, so are prints more in your budget? Even posters, postcards or greeting cards can be a good source of artwork if you have very limited funds available.

If you decide that you do not have much money to spend, then another alternative is to create your own artwork. It is original, fun and can fit perfectly into the theme of the room as it was made for that purpose. All you need is a canvas, a set of colors and some brushes. Then you can go wild. Look for works of art on the internet and let them inspire you or do something abstract and completely original. This can be fun, even if you have the money to spend.

If, when calculating your budget, you find that you have a pretty good amount, but not many, then try going to local galleries or art schools and looking to see if something suits your taste. Many artists also have websites, so look for the theme the painting is about and see what comes out of it. Good print quality is often offered over the Internet for a medium budget.

If you can spend a lot, then go to more quality or prestigious art galleries or to a real art dealer and see what you can find. Originals are always a great piece to invest in, as are limited editions.

Once you have an idea where to look, think about where you want the piece to go. Keep cheeky, bloody or adult works of art out of areas where many guests will see them, especially the living room, dining room or kitchen, as some people may find them offensive. A room where no one needs to stay long, such as the corridor or landing, may be more suitable.

Make sure you measure the surface on which you want to place your artwork and get a shape that matches it, on large horizontal walls for a horizontal image and so on.

Now you need to look at the tone of the room and the decoration. If you have an elegantly decorated room, choose classic, traditional pieces rather than more lively pop art or leisure posters. Also make sure that the colors don’t collide with the palette of the room.

Framing artwork is a great way to make it look smart and professional and make it look good for longer. Make sure that the images match in the same room.

Ultimately, artwork is an investment, so always look for the best you can afford and choose something you enjoy. Don’t buy for the sake of it, because works of art are something that should be able to stay with you for a long time. If in doubt, try taking enlarged framed photos of the family, especially in private rooms such as the bedroom. This can be cheap, sentimental and long-term.

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