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For most racers, Saturday night short circuit races are a sport of trials and mistakes. Most racers do not have large time budgets and free time during the week to test new ideas. Knowledge comes from two sources: advice from more experienced riders and trying out new things for yourself during the race night. If you are lucky, you can check if the new configuration works during limited training before qualifying. But then you simply can’t be sure until you test this configuration in the heat of the competition.

As with testing, many drivers learn how to drive a race car by simply going out and doing so outdoors. Driving a race car is a technique that only you have to develop. If you have a good night, take what you learned from this event and try again next week. But mistakes can be very expensive. A mistake on the track can mean bent sheet metal, broken parts, temperaments, burning up, hurt feelings and spending late hours in the shop with the option of not making it to the track next week. Therefore, it is much easier to avoid bad driving habits before starting them. After all, learning from mistakes on the track may sound like a good theory, but it is not the best idea when these mistakes can cost you cold, hard cash.

To avoid mistakes on the track, pay attention to what is happening before and after you at all times. Don’t risk chances. Racing is never won on the first lap. To earn the respect of more experienced drivers, you show respect. Always drive other drivers the way you want to be driven. Remember that racing is an expensive sport.

You always have to drive your line and only your line

The biggest thing I try not to do is to follow the guy in front of me. In other words, when you race your car in front of you and do what he does, you will make the same mistakes as him. It may sound like a pretty simple thing not to do, but it’s easier to get used to it than you might think. When you follow a car, you’re always looking for a way to get around it and it’s easy to start driving on the same line as he does. To bypass it, you need to change your driving line to confuse and bypass it. So try another line, change your vertex or do something to make a mistake, and then take advantage of it.

In the same spirit, I think that many riders stick to their old habits for too long, and this is because what has led most of us to the place where we are racing drivers is very, very difficult to drive. Most racers want to exceed the limit and put too much engine than the car and tires are able to handle. People have the equipment in each series to run really hard for a few laps. But the next thing you know, the tires begin to disappear, but the engine is still present and suddenly everything changes with the way you drive your car. In such a situation, you simply drive your car. You have to set your car so that it lasts the whole race, not the car at the beginning. You need to find out how the car likes to be driven with a full fuel tank, a partial fuel load, and with a fuel cell almost empty. How should I adjust my driving style when the tires are worn out compared to tires when they are completely new? The ability to do this is the difference between winning and losing. Learn more at

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