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Outsider art is not limited to painting, but also includes folk art, primitive art, and tramp art, to name a few. This art form, which lies beyond the hierarchical and historical horizons of mainstream art, captivates with its simple and fascinating reflection. Outsider art creations are fresh, unexpected and innovative because they are unaltered, unaltered and unmediated, original forms of creative expression.

Since they are boundless, there are a number of questions about Outsider Art Bedevil Art connoisseurs and art collectors. They are often fascinated by what makes any kind of work outside or rewarding. How much does a person have to be creative outside to qualify? So on and so forth. Despite all these discussions, outsider art remains beyond the core art world and is widespread. Outside of art, it seems to exist for commercial reasons and forms its own niche in the art market.

There are a number of terms used to describe art that are generally implied as “outside” the official core art. The other terms used are:

Art Brut. This stands for the raw art forms that have not been refined as opposed to the artworks in galleries and museums. As already mentioned, Art Brut and Outsider Art are synonymous with each other.

Neuve Invention. This term describes those artists who interact with mainstream culture to a certain extent.

Marginal Art. This refers to the artists on the border of the art world. Their artworks overlap with the essence of mainstream art and outsider art.

There are several renowned outsider artists who have become present and known in the art scene. Among them is Adolf Wölfli, a Swiss artist. Adolf was the first known outsider artist. Nek Chand, an Indian, gained fame for his sculpture garden called Rock Garden, Chandigarh. Ferdinand Cheval, a postman in Hauterives, was inspired by a dream and spent 33 years building the Ideal Palace.

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