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With so many suggestions and tips on how best to quit smoking, it’s really easy to see why many people really don’t stop smoking.

The fact is that with so many details provided around that it is puzzling for people, it is usually much simpler to continue smoking and hope for a simple solution.

But let me tell you in advance that the best help in quitting smoking is your power of choice to do so!

When you ask yourself how I can quit smoking, understand that really taking the necessary steps to quit smoking is not easy, but that you have the will and willingness to quit smoking now.

Go inside and that’s why I encourage you to train your consciousness, ask your inner guidance system – which the Wonders Course calls the Holy Spirit to help you.

The Miracles Course states: “This invitation is accepted immediately, and the Holy Spirit does not waste time in introducing the practical results of asking Him to enter.

Most people easily realize that the best way to quit smoking is to understand that smoking can harm their health, but it can be quite difficult to find the best help to quit smoking.

With many temptations, as well as the tension in life, it is easy to see why jumping into a pack of cigarettes seems to be a wise idea.

The best way to quit smoking is to be able to choose.

Simply quitting smoking because the sky is blue is not a good enough reason. The need to quit smoking is obvious, but the desire to quit smoking must come from within for the process to succeed.

It is unlikely that you will simply stop smoking a cold turkey without any complications. Set small rewards to help you make progress and finally quit smoking.

The best way to quit smoking is also to plan how to quit smoking.

If, after a while, you find that you have not stopped smoking for 6 weeks, take up a new plan.

Work to beat the fight to quit smoking now. If you smoke because of demanding things in your life, you have to cope with the tension before, you can effectively quit smoking. No matter why you smoke, you should take care of it so that you can quit smoking for good.

Establish a punishment for yourself.

If you usually stay at Starbucks for coffee every day, you may want to consider avoiding this on days when you have failed to achieve your smoking goals. No matter what punishment you choose, make sure it is something you care about.

Ask your friends and family for help to quit smoking. Even if you find the best way to quit smoking, you will need support and help because the aim is to quit smoking, and this will help you to ensure that you are not alone in the whole procedure.

Look for someone to quit with you. Working to quit smoking is not easy, but hard work is much easier to do with your partner.

The task of quitting smoking is quite difficult. This is very unfavourable to the goal of stopping smoking altogether. Visit to learn more about vaporizers.


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